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IT'S COMING :D by yuumei IT'S COMING :D :iconyuumei:yuumei 8,174 673 Whipped Cream Wallpaper by trenchmaker Whipped Cream Wallpaper :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 1,863 127 -SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Baby Llama! by Wood-Splitter-Lee -SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Baby Llama! :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 2,017 143 mother of nature here i am by choco223 mother of nature here i am :iconchoco223:choco223 25 50 s2 Petra and Jesse (AT with Star) by RushDoesNotArt s2 Petra and Jesse (AT with Star) :iconrushdoesnotart:RushDoesNotArt 26 15
this sounds kinda insane but i'm not kidding
i have voices in my head
there's different 'sides' to me
kinda like an authorish, older sister kinda, common-sense, no-don't-do that side 
her name is Rochelle
she wears glasses
and then there's the wierd side 
the fangirl, goofy, awkward, does-dumb-things-all-the-time side
her name is Naomie
yes, with an extra 'e'
and they argue
they get along, too
but there's arguments
you know how in cartoons they show the little angel and devil sitting on a person's shoulders, to represent their stuggle with right and wrong or whateverthefuck
well Rochelle and Naomie are my angel and devil
except they're both the angel, and they're both the devil, in different scenarios
they've been there for a while
i just never really acknowledged them
but now i do
so they have names
and i'm drawing them
i come up with random scenarios with them, just the three of us goofing around even though they're both still 'me'
they argue about fluff vs feels
if you hone
:iconrushdoesnotart:RushDoesNotArt 1 7
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What is your favorite quotes from fandoms?

Here's mine:

MCSM: "Yeah, I'm pretty tough. Lookin' for a fight?"- Jesse

Steven Universe: Everything Peridot says.

TWDG: "Don't be afraid of them, you're smart, he's not. You're smarter than all of them."- Lee (Feels are strong in this one.)

Death Note: "I have two rules. One, I'm never wrong, two if I'm wrong, go back to the first rule."- Lawlet.

Undertale: "Who needs arms, when you got LEGS LIKE THESE?"- Mettaton.
I'm counting down every single day until July 11.

I think I've got an obsession.
Me: Maybe I should write today.

My brain: *uncontrollably laughing* Wait... Wait... You're not serious are you?
So I was listening to the unused sound files again and found this:

Jesse: He'll bite your head off, man. *whispers* I was talking about Axel.
I might be a little inactive because my charger isn't working very well. It charged 10% overnight.
Me and my older sister: *catching fireflies* (I even have trouble believing I'm 13 myself)

Older sister: *catches one* Come here, (my little sisters name)

Little sister: *hesitantly approaches*

Firefly: *lights up*

Little sister: Awww.

Older sister: *gets the firefly closer to her*

Little sister: AAAAHHHH! *runs away screaming*
So, since MCSM Season 2 takes place 5-7 years after season 1 ended according to all my age HC's all the NOOTS members will be in their 20's (excluding Ivor)

Jesse will be 22-24

Petra will be 23-25

Lukas will be 21-23

Axel will be 23-25

Olivia will be 22-24

Spread the Markimoo!
(Reposted from ScribblyFandoms7)

Spread the Markimoo! Spread the Mark! (If you want to)
I watched the Lego batman movie. AHHH Joker was such a sinnamon roll.
MCSM but everytime the witherstorm appears The Final Countdown plays in the background.
Nerm is by far the best character in Season 2
I watched footage from MCSM Season 2 presented at E3, JESUS! That was awesome!
I doodled this last month. I predicted the sass llama.

Filename by Becky22404


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