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Disappearance Part 4
(Lukas' POV)
I woke up and wrote in my journal. "As far as I know we've been gone for at least 2 days. Maybe more. I wonder how the rest of the Order are doing. Jesse is injured but he should be okay. I just hope we both make it back alive. No idea how far we are from home. 5 miles, 10 miles, 100 miles. Maybe even on the other side of the world. I feel like someone is watching us, but I haven't seen another human except for Jesse since we woke up here. Am I losing my mind?" I wrote down. I looked through all the pages in my book, all the things I wrote down during our adventures. All the way back to The White Pumpkin, last year when I was 16. "I'm currently locked in a closet. Pretty embarrassing I know. There's a psyco killer coming after us. I just hope that no one else gets killed. I don't know what I would do with myself if Jesse, Petra, or Ivor got hurt, or worse, yet I have no doubt Jesse will be able to catch whoever caused this. It's pretty scary...  Turns out that Cassie
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Disappearance Part 3
(Jesse's POV)
I opened my eyes. "You slept late. We'll start walking again when you're ready." Lukas said. "Ready when you are." I said. We left the cave and started walking again. "Look out!" Lukas said. Then pain exploded in my shoulder. I fell on the ground. There was an arrow in my shoulder. I bit down so hard, I felt like my teeth were going to shatter. I turned around. It was a skeleton under a tree. Lukas yelled and shot the skeleton between the eyes. "Oh Notch! I'm so sorry, Jesse." Lukas said, "It wasn't your fault... I'll be okay." I said. "Come on, we need to get somewhere safer." Lukas said. I got to my feet and we went back in the cave. I collapsed. "How bad is it?" I asked. "Arrow's in pretty deeply. I'll try to make this quick." He said, and pulled the arrow out. I yelled, it felt like someone was sawing through my shoulder. Then my vision went black.
I opened my eyes. "Thank Notch! Don't scare me like that." He hugged me. "Glad to see you too. How long was I out?" I ask
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Disappearance Part 2
(Lukas' POV)
I woke up and I felt like someone had stomped on my head several times. I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes tightly. Once the pain was actually bearable I got to my feet. I was in a forest, but it didn't look like the forest back home. "Jesse!" I called out. "Lukas!" I heard Jesse yell. His voice sounded nearby. I ran to the direction I heard his voice come from. I found him, next to a river. "Jesse!" I said. He turned toward me. We ran toward each other and hugged. "I'm so glad to see you. Are you okay?" Jesse said, "Yeah, I'm okay. Are you okay?" I asked. "I'm fine. Know where we are?" Jesse asked. "No. Who knows? We could be on the other side of the world." I said. "Well, I guess we should start walking then. Which way?" Jesse asked. I looked around. "This way." I pointed west. "How can you be so sure?" Jesse asked. "It's all about where the sun is rising and setting and where the wind blows." I said. "Alright let's go. I'm sure glad to have you around." Jesse
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Disappearance Part 1
(Jesse's POV)
I heard lightning. I looked up. I was out in the rain, alone. 'How did I get here?' I told myself. I looked around, I was in a forest. I was soaked in rain. "Hello?" I called out. Then a tree fell, right where I was at.
"Jesse!" Lukas said. I opened my eyes. I was outside, it was sunny outside, not even a sign of it raining. I looked around. The dream felt so real. "What happened?" I asked. My head hurt. "You passed out. Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah... Yeah. I'm fine." I said. I got to my feet. (Writers note: KISS ALREADY! ITS ALREADY BEEN TWO PARAGRAPHS!) "The others are waiting for us. You sure you're okay." Lukas said. "Yeah. Let's go." I said.
Once we were in the treasure room, Axel, Olivia, Ivor, and Petra greeted us. "It's about time, you were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago, what happened?" Petra said. "Sorry, I accidentally fell into a lake." I said. "You're kidding, right, that's the best you can come up with?" Ivor asked. "Whatever. Let's just start the mee
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Trapped Part 19 (LE FINALE)
(Jesse's POV)
"She should be fine." Lily said. I sighed in relief. "Thank you. What are you going to do know?" I asked. "Who knows?" She said. "You could work at the hospital, you won't get treated badly. Plus we need someone experienced with stuff like this." I said. "Hey, that idea's not half bad." She shivered. "Oh my Notch, it's freezing here!" She said. "Wait until winter comes." Axel said. "It is winter." Olivia said. "How was I supposed to know that?!" Axel said. "What were you going to tell Petra?" Ivor asked. "You'll see, dad" I said. "Stop calling me that!" Ivor said. "Sounds like something a dad would say." I laughed. "Ughhhh!" Ivor groaned.
Later that day...
I held Petra's hand. "Come on, Petra, please wake up." I said. She'd been unconscious for 4 hours, we took her to the hospital, everyone else was gone. I tried not to think about her not waking up. Then she opened her eyes. "Petra!" I said and hugged her. "Alright. Alright. I'm glad to see you too." She said. "How are y
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Trapped Part 18
(Petra's POV)
There wasn't much to do. All we could do was talk about how to get out of here, yet I was glad that we were all together. Jesse walked up to Ivor, who was trying to look in Lukas' journal, he noticed him, "Hello, Jesse, how can I help you?" He asked. "Good afternoon, grandpa." he smiled. Axel and Olivia looked at Jesse, and started laughing like crazy. "Grandpa? I'm not that old!" He said. "Would you prefer me calling you father?" Jesse asked. "No, I am not your father, and you know that." Ivor said. Jesse pretended to be surprised, "You mean I'm adopted?!" Jesse asked. Then we all started laughing, even Ivor.
Then we heard an explosion so loud, I fell to the floor. My ears rang. I looked around. There was a giant hole in the wall. I got to my feet. Everyone was okay. "Guys! Guys! We need to get out of here!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around, it was Lily. "Where were you?!" Jesse asked. "I'll explain everything later, but they're probably coming for us! Let's
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Trapped Part 17
(Jesse's POV)
"So, scared?" Facemeat asked. We were walking down the Hallway to the next game. I turned around and Petra was with me. I remembered everything. "No. Why would I be?" I asked. "Because your going to get slaughtered and you and everyone you care about is going to go in an endless pit of suffering." He said. "Endless suffering? Oh good, I thought it was going bad." Petra said sarcastically. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the next day of the Games! The Walls! We have a special surprise for you. This time, there is no respawning! So once you die, you are gone." Hadrian said. "How is that a good thing?" I asked. "You don't have to go to the mines." Facemeat said. Mevia explained the rules just like last time. There was nothing but dirt and gravel in our section. I sighed. "Here we go again." I said. "Why aren't you two looking for stuff?" Facemeat asked. "We know something you don't." Petra said. Then the walls came crashing down. I was ready. Then Em walked toward me, with
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Trapped Part 16
1 day later...
(Petra's POV)
The mood seemed to rise a little bit. We were all a bit more happier and talked more. Olivia and Axel argued about would you rather questions, Ivor teased Lukas, who was constantly writing in his journal, calling him blonde guy. Even Jesse seemed to be in a good mood, every once in a while he would budge in during conversations. With Jesse crippled, I was pretty much the leader. I understood how stressful it was to take the blame for everything. "Ocelots or wolves?" Axel asked. "Wolves." Me, Axel, and Jesse said. "Ocelot's." Lukas, Olivia, and Ivor said. "What? No way, wolves are way better." Axel said. "At least ocelots don't try to kill you if you accidentally step on its tail." Olivia said. "At least wolves don't run away from you." Axel said. They argued for at least an hour. Axel and Olivia were complete opposites but they were best friends.
Lukas was writing in his journal. "Wait until the citizens hear about this place," he said. "It'll probably soun
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Trapped Part 15
(Petra's POV)
The others ran to him, his arm was twisted, and cut open. Seeing Jesse like this gave me a heartache. "We'll have to set it." I said. Then I heard the door open. Mike and Alexis came in. "What do you want?" I asked. "Me and Alex decided we'd give you some advice. This goes to all of you. All injuries must be treated by the wounded, that means that the unconscious one will have to treat himself. That also goes for you too, redhead. You have to treat your injuries yourself as well. If anyone breaks this rule, we won't be afraid to give them discipline." Mike said. "Good luck, Order of the Losers." Alex said. They left. "Ugh. They always like to make things much more hard." I said. "So what do we do now?" Ivor asked. "We'll have to plan a way out of here. Until then we need to get some rest." I said, then I went to sleep.
(Jesse's POV)
"Oink!" Reuben squealed and pushed me out of the way of a tractor beam. I got out of my daze. "Whew. Thanks boy." I said. The command block w
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Trapped Part 14
(Jesse's POV)
I looked down. What were they going to do to me? What were they going to do to Petra? Alexis threatened to stab me, if I didn't go in the room, so I didn't really have much of a choice. The room was dark, with chains, swords, axes, and other things that could be used for torture. Then Alexis punched me in the back of the head. It didn't knock me out, but I fell to the floor. I felt like someone was stabbing my head with a knife. Then Alexis put something over my eyes. A blindfold. I tried to remain calm. I hoped that Petra could somehow beat up Mike and break the others out, and go home. "Stand up." Alexis demanded, and dug their sword into my back, it wasn't very deep but it was deep enough to bring blood. I did as I was told. Then they pushed me into a chair and quickly tied me up. "Do you know what I'm going to do with you?" Alexis asked. I didn't answer. Most likely not something good.
Then they took my arm and bent it back. I yelped. "You see, when someone breaks you
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Trapped Part 13
(Jesse's POV)
"What do you mean?" I asked. Lily looked nervous. "Turn a out Mike kidnapped your friends earlier than I thought he would. I saw him dragging your friends to the WitherSkulls HQ. They were all unconscious." She said. "Are they okay?" Petra asked. "I couldn't see much but they looked pretty roughed up. It'll be best if we rescue them later today. Until then we can discuss plans." Lily said. We both nodded. "Should we tell her about the dreams?" Petra whispered. "No." I whispered back. At first I thought the dreams were side effects of sleeping in the Nether, since if you did, it would give you crazy dreams in rare cases, or maybe even harm you physically or mentally. But that was out of the window since we both had the same dreams. It couldn't be a coincidence. Lily would think we were crazy.
(A few hours later...)
"Okay, so I go to Mike and Alex, talking to them, while you two bust your friends out. If anything goes wrong, we have these." She pulled out 3 small boxes, eac
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Trapped Part 12
(Jesse's POV)
"I don't care! He needs to learn to be a man!" Dad yelled. He drew his sword and knocked over a vase causing me to jump. "See? He gets scared too easily. What are we going to do if he gets cornered by monsters?!" He yelled. "He's just a child, he'll learn!" Mom said. "Child? He's 10 years old, in 3 more years he'll be a teenager. We gotta teach him to be tough. Even if it means bending him until he breaks." He said. He cut me across my cheek, causing me to flinch, then he walked toward me with his sword drawn, then he raised it. Mom quickly ran in front of him. "Abusing him won't make him tough!" Mom said. She looked at me with a warm smile. "Run! Run as fast as you can. Seek safety, I promise it will be okay." She said. "Mom... what are you--" I said, then she punched dad in the face, causing him to fall over. "Run, Jesse!" She said. I ran, faster than I had ever ran before. Then I heard dad scream, "You let him go?! What are you thinking?! Are you brain dead?!" Then I h
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Trapped Part 11
(Petra's POV)
After we ate breakfast we got up and walked through the hallway. "What do you want to do?" Jesse asked. I shrugged. For some reason, I was bored. The place was amazing, but I missed the rest of the gang. I missed us all having good times. Olivia ranting about redstone, Axel blowing up old houses, Ivor bragging about his lava house, Lukas writing literally everything down in his journal. Jesse probably knew what I was thinking. "I know. I miss them too. But look on the bright side, soon we'll all be home." He said. I nodded. "Sorry." I said. "No, it's okay, I was thinking the same thing. Oh! I got it." He said. He covered my eyes. "Seriously?" I smiled. "Okay go backwards." He said. I did as he was told, he gave me more instructions until he stopped. Then he uncovered my eyes, we were in the swimming room. "Hold your breath." Jesse said. "Jesse, no--" I said and the he pushed me in the pool. "Oh it's on." I said. Then Jesse laughed. "A princess in distress, I'm here to res
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Expectation vs. Reality by Becky22404 Expectation vs. Reality :iconbecky22404:Becky22404 1 0
Trapped Part 10
(Jesse's POV)
I went into my room. I was grinning so much my jaws hurt. I was glad Petra liked it. I didn't expect her to actually kiss me though. I looked in the mirror, I hardly recognized myself. "You're going crazy." I told myself. Then I went to sleep.
"You just can't stand to see someone else in the spotlight can you? You just can't let anyone else win!" Aiden said. We were back in sky city. Aiden was waiting for me, his sword drawn and he looked ready to fight. "Aiden, this isn't about who wins or who loses, it's about what's right." I said. "And that's why you're going to lose!" Aiden said. Lighting stuck. We both drew our swords, and we charged. He screamed and sliced me, I barely dodged. Then I attacked him, he deflected. We kept fighting until I knocked his sword out of his hands. It fell on the ground. But he didn't dare go pick it up. He put his hands in the air. Something wasn't right. "Wait. Wait wait wait! I surrender!" Aiden said. Then I heard a deafening crash, and fe
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Jesskas by Valarauco-6 Jesskas :iconvalarauco-6:Valarauco-6 39 4 Poof! part 2 by choco223 Poof! part 2 :iconchoco223:choco223 25 16 You'll Shit Bricks by Youshallfearme2 You'll Shit Bricks :iconyoushallfearme2:Youshallfearme2 99 44 Death Note Demotive 2 by mysterylance99 Death Note Demotive 2 :iconmysterylance99:mysterylance99 142 56 Wammy's Boys by therealblazethecat Wammy's Boys :icontherealblazethecat:therealblazethecat 171 91 Fall in Amsterdam by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Fall in Amsterdam by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 147 1 RIVALRY by RattKazamata RIVALRY :iconrattkazamata:RattKazamata 147 23 L POSTER 1 by EclecticNyx L POSTER 1 :iconeclecticnyx:EclecticNyx 97 22 Light LOL by KitsuneLenali Light LOL :iconkitsunelenali:KitsuneLenali 88 6 Can YOU? by Jemmerzem Can YOU? :iconjemmerzem:Jemmerzem 157 20 Reflections by Naga-Hikari-22 Reflections :iconnaga-hikari-22:Naga-Hikari-22 249 34 To Be Kira..... by Naga-Hikari-22 To Be Kira..... :iconnaga-hikari-22:Naga-Hikari-22 139 20 Sailing With The Sun by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Sailing With The Sun by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 148 1 Relevance by AidanAK47 Relevance :iconaidanak47:AidanAK47 75 7 THIS POTATO CHIP... by TheEmoCookie THIS POTATO CHIP... :icontheemocookie:TheEmoCookie 323 44 Ryuuk by Macbeth-is-my-cat Ryuuk :iconmacbeth-is-my-cat:Macbeth-is-my-cat 178 40



With my drawing of L, I accidentally made a line across it. Now it's too late to fix it.

I'm extremely paranoid about mistakes.
Lukas: *on all fours* Meow.

Jesse: Lukas, stand on two feet like a normal person.

Lukas: *louder* Meow!

Jesse: Ugh, fine, *pets Lukas*

Lukas: Thank you. *stands up*

I thought of this when writing Disappearance Part 4. I don't even know with this one.
I haven't read a book in




I need to reeeeaaad!
Searching this because of Death Note

Filename by Becky22404
The test isn't hard.

I'm cringing at some of my old comments.

Why am I seeing so many country X Reader fanfics?

I'm kidding I'm kidding Ik it's a fandom thing. Or Somethin.
So... Due to my research, I've found out it is a popular thing to do to ship the protagonist (main character) with the antagonist (character conflicting with the protagonist)

Think about it.

L and Light (OTP)

Jesse and Aiden

Chara (I guess they could be an antagonist idk, depends on how you view them) and Frisk. (Personally see them as siblings but it's an example)

Sometimes when I'm writing or drawing something with feels I lie on the ground and try to picture how they feel.

Little sister: What are you doing?

Me: I'm trying to imagine how it feels to be impaled, dying. Helpless. Alone.

Little sister: Why?

Me: WE NEED TO TALK! Allow me to show you the world of feels. A place where you can take your anger or sadness out. Or just be plain evil.

Little sister: You're crazy.

Me: 'Naw. Thanks.
I need a life.

Fandom is keeping me hostage,

I want fandom to let go but I want fandom to stay.

Fandom is my love.

I don't need a bf/gf.
It makes me sad to see Undertale pictures of anything Undertale related right now, because my dear friend, Fauna12354's parents have told her she can't be associated in anything Undertale. She has to delete her Wattpad because of it, cuz most of her stories and votes, etc. are Undertale related.

1 repost = 1 hug for :iconfauna12354:

My sister is trying to explain undertale to my mom.

Yearly test starts tomorrow.

Wish me luck.
Kentucky Derby is next Saturday.


I'm not really that interested in horse racing, but I like the Derby, I'll definitely be watching it.




Just pointing that out,
Don't worry, even through it may not seem like it, I'm gonna try to make Disappearance a little happier than the last 2
I was using the hunger games simulator.

"Becky dies from thirst"

Okay I've already done a Jetra and Lukesse fanfic series.

Should I do M! Jesse X Lukas, F! Jesse X Petra, Lukas X Petra, or another ship.

I'm kinda wanting to do either Jesskas or Luktra.
Little sneak peak of the next part:

What were you going to tell Petra?" Ivor asked. "You'll see, dad" I said. "Stop calling me that!" Ivor said. "Sounds like something a dad would say." I laughed. "Ughhhh!" Ivor groaned.
Don't worry I'm gonna make up for the feels with ship moments.


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